Saturday, 20 August 2011

Patriotic Presentations by Children Add Colours to the Independence Day Celebrations

To raise the spirit of patriotism in the budding toddlers, Independence Day was celebrated on 12th August in all the branches of Mother’s pride pre-school. The children looked amazing in the bright and colourful costumes. Some were dressed as national heroes and freedom fighters, while others adorned tri-colour dresses.

Several cultural programmes were organised to familiarize tiny tots with the importance of freedom. The celebration commenced with flag raising ceremony which took place within their premises of the school. Tiny tots hummed National Anthem and saluted as the flag unfurled.  It was followed by songs, dance and performance by the kids.

It was an absolute delight to watch little ones perform on patriotic numbers paying tribute to the freedom fighters. Along with that, kids also indulged in the tri-colour painting event. Later on, kids relished sumptuous sweets and snacks on the occasion. All together, the sentiment of pride and patriotism for the nation was the key element of the celebration.

Independence Day is the day of pride and glory for any country. This day is commemorated by flag hoisting ceremonies and cultural programs all over the country. These celebrations fortify national spirit in the people. Also, on this occasion people mark the day by reminiscing heroes of our freedom struggle. Schools and colleges across the country celebrate the day with pomp and show. Overall, everybody on this day is overwhelmed with a patriotic fervour and the day is solely dedicated to those men who awarded us with identity called INDIAN.

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