Wednesday, 13 June 2012

How to Avoid Prickly in Summer?

If you observe patch of red bumps behind your toddler’s neck or underneath his collar, then you need to be alarmed as it is prickly heat developing on your baby’s body. You need to control it before it grows further. It causes high amount of irritation to toddler, who may face difficulty in sitting and lying down.
Prickly heat is also commonly known as heat rash or summer rash. It is pimply skin eruption of small pink bumps on the shoulders, neck, groin or face and it occurs when your child overheats in hot and humid weather. It is called as prickly heat because blocked or swollen glands produce pimples which release prickly heat from it.
The rash generally appears on the folds of the skin where clothing fits cozily such as upper chest, neck, groin and armpits. In restrictive clothing the sweat usually doesn’t vents out properly rather it builds up and clogs the pores that lead to the sweat glands. These clogged pores further prevent releasing of sweat from the body and causes rash to form. Prickly heat is common in toddlers because their sweat glands are undeveloped.
  • Toddlers must be worn loose-fitted clothes, as tight clothes rub against skin and cause heat rash. Always prefer cotton, it is light and less irritating than other fabrics. Don’t let the child wear sweat-covered clothing for long, remove it as soon as possible as it may cause irritation to the skin.

  • Cooling the skin is the best way to treat prickly heat. Skin must be kept clean so that it breathes easily. You can bathe toddler twice during the summer or if shower is not possible then wet towel with cool water wipe the skin.

  • Baby powder should be applied to the areas that tend to get heat rash. It will cool the skin and keeps irritation away.

  • Keeps toddler indoors in an air-conditioned setting as hot and humid weather might cause sweat blockage resulting in higher body temperature. The toddler might get heat stroke as well.

  • Make toddler drink plenty of liquids especially water to prevent him from dehydrating.  Before stepping outside in sun, cover toddler’s face and head with hat.

  • If prickly heat is untreated it may lead to a more serious health condition proving it to be harmful for the little one. Therefore, it is wise to prevent it and treat it before grows it further. One must seek medical advice if it becomes serious.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Mother’s Day: Celebrating Motherhood

It’s that time again to honor mothers and celebrate motherhood as Mother’s Day is here. It brings you the perfect opportunity to express your love and gratitude to her. Mother’s day is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm in different countries around the globe. But the feeling on the occasion remains the same allover i.e. to appreciate and revere maternal bonds and respect our mothers for love and care they have showered upon us. We all have been brought up under the protected umbrellas of our mothers and have grown up on their wisdoms and advices. Some of their advices rather lessons have remained with this forever and have guided us at different situations of life. In short one can say that we owe to our mothers for our existence. 
We can make our mothers feel special by buying an appropriate gift for her. Deciding the perfect gift for our perfect moms can be a difficult task. One can choose a gift which reflects your feelings and appreciates her feelings. You can select from unique and special gifts that are available in the market on the occasion of Mother’s day. You can order online Mother's Day gift on various shopping portals. This way you can surf through options and select from range of gift items the most suitable one for your loving mom. Children can prepare card at home or write a poem for her. Whatever you may gift her; she will always treasure it as it comes from whom she loves the most.
Mother’s Pride Celebrates Motherhood
Mother’s day was uniquely celebrated at Mother’s Pride preschool.  Toddlers were taught the relevance of the day and how they should make it special for their moms. They were told to shower lots of love and affection on their moms.
The essence of Mother’s Day is the strong bond shared by the Mother and her child. To strengthen the tie, Mother’s Pride gave certificate to each child to gift it to their moms. The certificate stated ‘you are world’s no.1 Mom of all time’. Further it reads that it is presented to mothers for their recognition, kindness, love, generosity and consideration. The child could write his/her name and do their signature. Also, skits, poem recitation and songs in the honor of Mother were performed by the toddlers.  The attempt was to make this day memorable and special for each child’s mother studying at Mother’s Pride.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Tiny Tots Plant Saplings on Earth Day

It is never too early to start teaching children value of the environment and importance of keeping surroundings clean. Erth Day, which is celebrated on April 22, gives parents and teachers an opportunity to imbibe qualities of conservationist in children.
Generally, preschool and kindergarten children are taught about fire safety, personal hygiene, dental health etc; but teaching them respect of our planet is equally important. Most importantly, at this stage awareness about conservation of resources holds utmost importance. So, concept of 3 R’s- reduce, reuse, and recycle should be introduced.
To do the same, Mother’s Pride recently celebrated Earth Day in all its branches. Various activities were held on the occasion like plant a sapling, water the plants, storytelling about tree, air and water, fancy dress competition, skit etc. Another interesting activity was that - preschoolers were asked to draw a picture of what Earth meant to them. Through these events, toddlers learned about the environment, planet pals and value of trees. Children learnt that one should plant more trees as they are our best friends. It was enriching experience for kids.
While preschool children are young to understand abstract concepts like global warming etc, one can still make effort to engender their ecological consciousness by educating them to save water , turn off lights , take care of trees and pets etc.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Summer Day Camps for Little Ones

Summer break is here and so is summer fun. How to keep preschoolers busy during the vacations is hard for parents to figure out? Entertaining toddlers or young children during entire summer break can be challenging. Besides ensuring activities for them, you also need to make sure that they are safe and healthy all season long. Though there are many such activities like crafts, food and outings etc. that can keep toddlers occupied but still you wish if there is something that is perfect for them. 

Day camps are good solution that provides them right amount of exposure and ensures their safety. Parents can start by hunting proper summer programs offered by preschools in the vicinity or in the neighborhood. Most of the programs are meant for toddlers three years and above, if your toddler is younger you may prefer entertaining him at home. Summer camp activities are great for holistic development of toddlers. 

Activities Toddlers will Love at Summer Camps 

Paint and Color : Colors as always attract toddlers. Day camps can hold coloring spree activities for kids. It can also be a learning class for toddlers which are entertaining and exciting for them. One can make them color their favorite cartoon characters, fruits and vegetables, numbers or alphabets etc. Many parents will be amazed to see, how their toddlers love to color. It can even be amazing to see beautiful creations your toddler can come up with.

Bubbles : Kids love bubbles. They love to play with them. No doubt bubble game is the topmost favorite of children. What kids like most with bubbles is, the way they float, bounce and finally pop. Bubbles are truly intriguing for them and learning how to create is in itself a thrilling thing. Even if your toddler doesn't accomplish the actual blowing of bubbles, they will love chasing them and catching them. 

Pool Games : This is another great toddler activity. A small wading pool, with a few inches of water in it is perfect for kids. You can put toys and tubes which will add to their enjoyment. Tub swimming is another great idea. Dress up your tiny tot in cute swimsuit and you will love to see them enjoy. Water activities are great in summers. 

Puppet Shows : Taking your kids to puppet shows will spark up their imagination. There are varied puppet forms such as marionettes, hand puppets, stick puppets, shadow puppets, even people-size puppets. But all have ability to captivate young minds. It is surely enjoyable activity for toddlers.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Dental Care For Toddlers

Good dental care is must for kids as healthy set of teeth ensures your toddler is able to eat properly and speak clearly. Parents at times are not able to judge how much dental care their child needs. They know that they want to prevent cavities but are not aware of how to do it. Dental care must begin early from the time first tooth comes in.
The first teeth, usually known as milk teeth, emerge around six months of age.  It is often not fully formed or hardened and may decay easily. Most kids develop full set of teeth around two years. This process is called teething.
Teething usually causes discomfort to toddlers and makes them fussy. The develop craving to chew and that’s why parents must provide clean teething ring and teething toys. Parents must remember every child has his own schedule for teething.
Preventing Tooth Decay
Tooth decay is usually caused by bacteria in the mouth.  So, proper regime of brushing and cleaning teeth must be followed. Enrolling your child into early oral health care habit ensures dental care even when he grows up. Consult a dentist in case if you have doubts and concerns regarding development of your child's teeth.
Brush Twice a Day
From the very beginning child must be taught to brush twice a day (in the morning and the night after dinner). If toddler fusses about brushing every time, parents can develop interest in child by buying him new toothbrush with cartoon characters on it.
Proper Brushing Technique
Parents can supervise their child and tell him how to do brushing by following simple steps:

- Parents can guide child how to gently brush on both the sides i.e. inside and outside surfaces. Also, must clean the tongue to dislodge bacteria that causes bad breath and in the end how to rinse mouth properly with water.

- For first timers, let your toddler use soft-bristled toothbrush and use a pea-sized dab of ADA-accepted fluoride toothpaste. Also, make sure toddler doesn’t swallow the toothpaste.

- Teach your child to brush inside of the tooth first as it is where most plaque accumulates. The method is to brush gently back and forth.

- Tell him to use tip of the brush to clean behind each front tooth. Also, angle the brush along the outer gum line to clean it properly.

- Regular dental checkup is must.  Parents must bring child to the dentist by her first birthday.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

‘Rang Barse’ at Mother’s Pride

Little toddlers had a day full of merriment and enjoyment on the occasion of festival of colors. Mother’s Pride pre-school made sure little ones had gala time in the school.  Kids came all dressed in white. Boys wore spic and span white kurta –pyjamas and girlies adorned white salwar- kameez. End of the day their little white dresses looked vibrant and colorful after holi celebrations.
Toddlers and their teachers participated in the celebrations with full zest and fervor. The celebrations began with folk holi song on which little gals danced wearing colorful Rajasthani lehnga-cholis. There were other dance performances on the songs like ‘rang barse’, ‘holi khele raghubira’, ‘do me a favor let’s play holi’ etc.  Kiddies smeared colors on each other.
They played with natural colours, hugged each other and wished ‘happy holi’ to everyone. Children were also served with delicacies specially prepared for the day is Gujia. The kids got really excited while playing it was thrilling and exciting for them. Teachers also explained to the children significance of Holi and how this festival is an integral part of every Indian’s life, also its association with India -a land of rich culture and festivals.
All in all it was joyous day for toddlers who celebrated Holi- a festival of colours & love, with great enthusiasm!!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Toddlers are so adorable on their own and their performance on stage added on to their cute charms. Yes and that’s what happened at Mother’s Pride annual day event where tiny tots performed on 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th of February at Siri Fort auditorium. The event was a success and liked by many. Several eminent personalities voted their presence including - Jagdish Mukhi, Member of Legislative Assembly, Mr. Amol Palekar, Renowned Actor & Director, Vinod Kambli, Former Indian Cricketer and Mrs Arti Mehra, Former Mayor, Delhi. The event was dedicated in support of our NGO, Sparsh working towards the welfare of the underprivileged.

Around 10,000 tiny tots participated and gave thrilling performances.  Their endearing presentations left audience speechless and enthralled. This year’s Annual Day theme was ‘Wonders of Curiosity’ celebrating the inborn curiosity of children. Around 20,000 parents and grandparents witnessed the spectacular performances of the little children.

The mega event began with invocation of Lord Ganesha, which was followed by a song tribute to grandparents under the theme ‘The Second Childhood’. The major highlight was ‘Fashion Fiesta 2012’, where our terrific toddlers set the ramp on fire with their costumes and catwalk, making it the most happening fashion show.

Another phenomenal performance was based on ‘Indian Folk Flavours’, where toddlers danced showcasing our culture and heritage through varied dance forms. Depicting little ones love for the country, a patriotic performance ‘The Pride of India’ was choreographed which brought tears into the eyes of many nation lovers sitting in the audience. Children also twisted in the couple-dance performance on the Justin Bibber’s song. The sequential mesmerizing performances gave an overwhelming feeling to the parents and grandparents, filling auditorium with colors of joy.

The performance by special children of Savera Special School was a beautiful amalgamation of our stand to raise the humanity and conveyed that this annual day was not just about celebration but a dedication towards humanity. A cheque of Rs 51lacs was presented for the noble cause to Sparsh on behalf of the entire Mother’s Pride family. Mrs. Sudha Gupta, renowned Parenting expert and Chairperson of Presidium expressed her excitement by saying, “We have all gathered here to celebrate Mother’s Pride Annual day, a very important day for each member of Mother’s Pride family. This is a platform where we see tiny toddlers nurtured into budding performers. I request each one of you to encourage the talents and achievements of your child with utmost love and confidence as every child is unique and special.”
Concluding the event was the prize distribution ceremony, where Little Miss Prideens and Mr Prideens were rewarded. The entire four days were perfect assemblage of shows that brought out emotions of happiness, tears of joy and laughter amongst parents, children and grandparents.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Skin Care Tips for Toddlers

Toddlers have a very sensitive and soft skin. It is less resistant to bacteria and harmful substances in the atmosphere. Mothers need to be very careful when dealing with toddlers skin care. Effort should be made to keep their skin moisturized, in order to maintain smoothness of the skin. Care should be taken to prevent skin damage due to usage of harsh products that are available in the market.

Take a look at some of the skin care tips for toddlers-

• It is always advisable to massage the skin of the baby with oil before giving bath.  Oiling is important to keep the skin moisturized as soaps tend to make the skin dry and can also lead to skin rashes. While choosing soap, be sure to pick one which has natural oils. Such soaps don’t dry the skin and maintain skin care too. While applying soap, avoid contact with the eyes and mouth.

• A quick coat of after-bath cream is vital. Dry skin can make your baby feel itchy and uncomfortable and can also lead to inflamed skin that may become prone to infections. 

• Maintain hygiene and take proper care. Wash baby’s towel on everyday basis and keep it clean. 

• Apply required amount of powder near the diaper lines to avoid rashes due to diapers.

• In cases of bruises on toddler skin, first wash the area with a clean cotton cloth, and then apply ointment over it.  Cover with a band aid to prevent the toddler from touching it.

• Prefer dressing the baby with cotton clothes as they are skin friendly and absorbs sweat. Wash them in hot water to maintain the hygiene.

• Provide child right amount of exposure in sun as it can supply vitamin D but excessive exposure can tan the skin tone.

• Majorly toddlers face diaper rash it occurs due to skin irritation that develops in the diaper-covered region.  The best treatment is simple cleansing with water and soft cloths as it tends to lessen irritation to the injured skin. Frequent application of one of the many diaper-area ointments containing either petroleum jelly (Vaseline) or zinc oxide (Desitin) also helps. 

• In case of eczema in toddlers, which is a very common skin trouble in babies and small children, you can apply source moisturizers that are rich in lanolin or contain aloe vera. It helps in reducing swelling, inflammation and hydrating the affected area. Also, make sure that baby is bathed in lukewarm water and well moisturized after the bath.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Patriotic Fervor in High Gear in Mother’s Pride

It was a festive mood in all the branches of Mother’s Pride school on 25th January. No points for guessing the occasion; the patriotic spirit was high on account of Republic Day. As the day began in Mother’s Pride school, one could see little freedom fighters, soldiers, Gandhijis & Sarojini Naidus stepping into the school premises.  Yes, these were none another than, little buds of Mother’s Pride garden, adorned in costumes for the occasion.

As the toddlers got settled in their classrooms, after a while, celebrations began. Kids with the help of their teachers made the queue and headed towards the performance area. It was indeed a sight a watch assemblage of little tiny tots in the colorful attires- all at one place.

The celebrations began with Ganesh Vandana. Standing in the semicircles, children followed step by step instructions of their teachers and performed wholeheartedly on the devotional song. The act indeed looked pious with little ones praying and singing to the divinity.

Following was the dance performance by children in the vibrant Punjabi costumes on the song ‘Kitna sona desh hai mera’.  It was a couple performance and children skillfully showed Bhangara moves on the song.  Also, there was dance performance on songs - Jai Ho and goal which audience thoroughly enjoyed. There was also patriotic singing by children and they beautifully sang the popular number ‘sare jahan se acha hindustan hamara’. Even the audience sang along with the participants.  Altogether, the whole school came alive with the patriotic spirit!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Tips to teach toddlers alphabets

Familiarizing kids with alphabets is a herculean task for many parents and teachers. The initial introduction of the child to his first letters A..B…C could be simplified if creative methods are used. It requires lot of patience and persistence to teach kids alphabets. The whole learning process can be made lot of fun by infusing excitement through games and activities.

Here are few quick tips for making learning fun for kids:

Teaching alphabets through games
Games are the best means of teaching alphabets like blocks, puzzles, bingo etc. They can be very helpful in the teaching process. For instance, teaching using alphabet blocks could be exciting. Children can construct new words, assemble alphabets or arrange the consonants and vowels. Also, in case of puzzles, child can identify a picture or find the alphabet relating to it or fix up the puzzle from the mixed up pieces.

Use alphabets decor
One can adorn the walls with wall arts consisting of diverse sizes and shapes of alphabets and colorful alphabets also add charm to the room.  Also, you can try out putting child's name on the door followed by labeling his drawers and contents. You can even decorate by showcasing alphabets for pictures and frames. Choosing child's play area or bedroom for the purpose is important.

Creating alphabet book
Making your own alphabet book by pasting selected pictures cut out from old coloring book or magazine relating to the alphabets is good idea. You can ask your child to fill the book by making a page with each letter.

Humming songs that include alphabets
Kids are fond of humming songs and what could be better than singing alphabet songs to them. Singing or hearing songs increases the chance of children to remember alphabets longer. Include songs in the daily routine for toddlers as songs provide opportunity to little ones to learn new things more easily and also it increases their activity level and self-confidence. Above, everything else it is a fun way of learning for the child. Sing songs as often as possible. Make ABC song part of daily lesson plan. This is one of the easiest songs for children to learn and it soon becomes their favorite.

Play and experiment with themes to make alphabet learning really fun and interesting for your kid and if you do so it won't look like herculean task anymore. So, gear up and put on your thinking cap to make your child pally with alphabet buddies!!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Baby-proofing your house

When baby begins to crawl, then it is time for parents to take some household precautions in order to safeguard the little one. The safer you will make the home environment, the less you will need to worry about his safety. The zone in the house that you need to child proof extends to the point high above your child’s reach.  Babies are very eager and enthusiastic to explore the world around them. They want to see, play and touch everything that comes in front of them. Parents need to survey the house carefully and make changes accordingly to ensure total safety of the child.

One must remember that babies get into trouble fast than you can imagine. If there is any dangerous spot in the house, make sure your baby stays away from it. You can even install some helpful safety devices within your home to protect your baby. Along with that to prevent accidents, parents need to follow simple household safety measures. But parents need to keep in mind that no amount of childproofing can replace them. No matter what they always need to keep eye on their baby at this stage.

Ways to child –proof your house:

• First, of all, crawl through the house and get a baby's-eye view, and remove anything that is dangerous to your baby.
• Remove all breakables that may harm the child such as vases, picture frames, ashtrays and ornaments from tables.
• Mainly hide and cover all electrical cords and keep them above the child’s reach.
• Pad the corners and sharp edges of the furniture, beds, coffee tables and glass-topped tables.
• Keep tiny objects out of your baby’s reach as he may swallow it. Don’t keep coins, marbles, beads, paper clips and other small objects on the floor or on the low tables.
• Garbage pails should have lids so that baby cannot remove it.
• Cover electrical outlets with special plates or plastic inserts
• Do not keep unsafe indoor plants inside the house.
• Choose toys carefully when shopping for your child.  Look for toys that are well made and appropriate for your child’s age. Watch out for toys that have sharp edges, small parts or sharp points.

Keep out of reach

• Keep alcohol, cigarettes , poisons ,detergents and other chemicals above shoulder level and out of baby’s reach.
• Keep matches and lighters always on a high shelf in the cupboard.
• Keep guns and other firearms out of the house. If guns are in the house, unload them, put them in a locked place.