Saturday, 22 October 2011

Imbibing Traditions And Customs In Children During Diwali

Diwali is a special time for bonding and sharing. Festivals serve as a great pretext to make children understand the rich traditions of India. Like on other festivals, during Diwali too various rituals are observed. Rituals only make us aware of our culture and moreover in urban homes this is the best way to take time-out from work and spend time with the family.

It is wonderful time during festivals to make children aware of our great epics. Therefore, during Diwali parents and elders at home must narrate the story of Lord Rama’s Victory and the legends of Mahalakshmi to the children. Kids should be taught right moral that is the triumph of good over evil.

Celebrations at schools

School also plays vital role in enlightening children about various festivals. Diwali is one such main festival and schools on this occasion celebrate it in full swing. For play-schools, it is even more important as toddlers have to be made acquainted about the whole concept of Diwali.

Children on this occasion need to be taught true meaning of the festival. Through various activities in schools , children are taught to share candy and sweets, decorating school and home with lighting lamps and diyas (small clay pots which are lit like luminarias) .

Mother’s Pride, one such play–school which makes this festival truly memorable for kids by organized various activities and events for the little ones. Students were taught to greet everyone ‘Happy Diwali ‘on the occasion.

There was also enchanting medley of songs in schools that moved all. The dance performances by toddlers drew much applause from the enthralled audience. Children altogether had gala time in Diwali celebrations.

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