Wednesday, 23 November 2011

When and How to Start Toilet Training for Toddlers?

Learning to use the toilet is the big step for the toddler and parents. For toddlers it is something new to learn. Some children learn it quickly while others take more time to train. Each child learns at his own pace. It is important to wait until your child is ready to learn potty training. Don’t rush to teach your child. Keep patience and don’t consider toilet training as a project and don’t associate it with success or failure.
Recommended age to begin potty training

As such it is not easy to decide right the right age for potty training for your child. The pediatricians usually recommend age between 18 months to 36 months. Usually, it depends on the child's development and readiness. As before this age, most children's bladders empty so frequently, it becomes difficult for them to control. 

How Long Does It Take?
Obviously, the toddler doesn’t learn it overnight. The process easily takes between 3 to 6 months. This may differ from child to child, as may take less time or others may take more.
Tips for teaching toilet training -

• You can try to help your child recognize sensations like –“being wet” and "about to be wet" etc. Encourage your child to talk about these sensations whenever possible. Notice signs such as pausing while playing, when child becomes uncomfortable. Also, make the child notice these signs.
• It is important to make the child familiar with the bathroom equipments. A child who becomes familiar with bathroom procedures and equipment is more likely to get trained than others.
• Teach your child or make him practice lowering and raising training pants.
• Buy products that will help you to potty train your kid. Buy a handy potty chair on which the child may sit perhaps while you are in the bathroom yourself.
• Some toddlers may show sign of being mentally and emotionally ready but physically they may not be ready. They may not be able to handle the pressure. Therefore, best is- rather to struggle to potty train your child it is best to wait.
• Overall potty training process requires complex combination of physical and cognitive tasks. Your child has to learn to associate to the physical sensation with the proper response.
• More than the child it is the parents, who need to be ready to start the toilet training process. At least one parent requires devoting time and energy to toilet train the toddler.

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