Monday, 26 December 2011

Cuteness overload: Little Prideens Santa look adorable

Ho Ho Ho !! Merry Christmas!!  I am Santa today”, greeted a cute little child, as I entered into the premises of Mother’s Pride School.  Christmas is just around the corner and I could already feel the pulsating excitement in the best Pre-school. I could see little Santas and fairies everywhere in the jubilant mood. There was joyfulness and merriment in the Mother’s Pride air. Later, I was told that there is Christmas celebration today.What apt an occasion could be for kids to have fun, other than Christmas? Yes, Christmas by default is a festival that comprises of all the ingredients of a child’s happiness with Santa
Claus and his gifts, Christmas tree, good food, candies and cakes; all together, making it memorable for children.During Christmas every school makes special preparations for the Christmas celebrations and creates joyous ambience and educates children about Jesus, his birth and related stories of Christmas. Various activities are held in the schools like carol singing, fancy dress, crafts, dancing, drama, group play etc. Christmas is a time for jingle bells and celebrations that surely brings good cheer on every child’s face.

Mother’s Pride pre-school is not far behind in gifting toddlers’ best memories on Christmas. The school is tastefully decorated with dazzling lights and Christmas tree.  The entrance is stunningly decked up with huge Santa Claus riding on his open sleigh along with his reindeer. Also, there are lots of gifts surrounding Santa. The whole creation is successful in being eye candy for parents and kids in the school. Parents along with their kids clicked pictures near it. Even I didn’t mind clicking a pic or two with the charming Santa. The whole day was planned as a celebration for tiny tots. One could hear resounding noise of the famous Christmas carol “Jingle bells” in cute little voices in the entire school.  The enthusiasm and the Christmas spirit were high amongst kids. Each class had its own Christmas tree decorated with stars and bells. There was fancy dress show, where each child in his own way felt proud of being the best Santa. There was distribution of gifts and candies to the toddlers. Kids were also treated with delectable cakes and pastries on the occasion. All together, it was wonderful and exciting day for little toddlers.

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