Thursday, 12 April 2012

Summer Day Camps for Little Ones

Summer break is here and so is summer fun. How to keep preschoolers busy during the vacations is hard for parents to figure out? Entertaining toddlers or young children during entire summer break can be challenging. Besides ensuring activities for them, you also need to make sure that they are safe and healthy all season long. Though there are many such activities like crafts, food and outings etc. that can keep toddlers occupied but still you wish if there is something that is perfect for them. 

Day camps are good solution that provides them right amount of exposure and ensures their safety. Parents can start by hunting proper summer programs offered by preschools in the vicinity or in the neighborhood. Most of the programs are meant for toddlers three years and above, if your toddler is younger you may prefer entertaining him at home. Summer camp activities are great for holistic development of toddlers. 

Activities Toddlers will Love at Summer Camps 

Paint and Color : Colors as always attract toddlers. Day camps can hold coloring spree activities for kids. It can also be a learning class for toddlers which are entertaining and exciting for them. One can make them color their favorite cartoon characters, fruits and vegetables, numbers or alphabets etc. Many parents will be amazed to see, how their toddlers love to color. It can even be amazing to see beautiful creations your toddler can come up with.

Bubbles : Kids love bubbles. They love to play with them. No doubt bubble game is the topmost favorite of children. What kids like most with bubbles is, the way they float, bounce and finally pop. Bubbles are truly intriguing for them and learning how to create is in itself a thrilling thing. Even if your toddler doesn't accomplish the actual blowing of bubbles, they will love chasing them and catching them. 

Pool Games : This is another great toddler activity. A small wading pool, with a few inches of water in it is perfect for kids. You can put toys and tubes which will add to their enjoyment. Tub swimming is another great idea. Dress up your tiny tot in cute swimsuit and you will love to see them enjoy. Water activities are great in summers. 

Puppet Shows : Taking your kids to puppet shows will spark up their imagination. There are varied puppet forms such as marionettes, hand puppets, stick puppets, shadow puppets, even people-size puppets. But all have ability to captivate young minds. It is surely enjoyable activity for toddlers.


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