Wednesday, 13 June 2012

How to Avoid Prickly in Summer?

If you observe patch of red bumps behind your toddler’s neck or underneath his collar, then you need to be alarmed as it is prickly heat developing on your baby’s body. You need to control it before it grows further. It causes high amount of irritation to toddler, who may face difficulty in sitting and lying down.
Prickly heat is also commonly known as heat rash or summer rash. It is pimply skin eruption of small pink bumps on the shoulders, neck, groin or face and it occurs when your child overheats in hot and humid weather. It is called as prickly heat because blocked or swollen glands produce pimples which release prickly heat from it.
The rash generally appears on the folds of the skin where clothing fits cozily such as upper chest, neck, groin and armpits. In restrictive clothing the sweat usually doesn’t vents out properly rather it builds up and clogs the pores that lead to the sweat glands. These clogged pores further prevent releasing of sweat from the body and causes rash to form. Prickly heat is common in toddlers because their sweat glands are undeveloped.
  • Toddlers must be worn loose-fitted clothes, as tight clothes rub against skin and cause heat rash. Always prefer cotton, it is light and less irritating than other fabrics. Don’t let the child wear sweat-covered clothing for long, remove it as soon as possible as it may cause irritation to the skin.

  • Cooling the skin is the best way to treat prickly heat. Skin must be kept clean so that it breathes easily. You can bathe toddler twice during the summer or if shower is not possible then wet towel with cool water wipe the skin.

  • Baby powder should be applied to the areas that tend to get heat rash. It will cool the skin and keeps irritation away.

  • Keeps toddler indoors in an air-conditioned setting as hot and humid weather might cause sweat blockage resulting in higher body temperature. The toddler might get heat stroke as well.

  • Make toddler drink plenty of liquids especially water to prevent him from dehydrating.  Before stepping outside in sun, cover toddler’s face and head with hat.

  • If prickly heat is untreated it may lead to a more serious health condition proving it to be harmful for the little one. Therefore, it is wise to prevent it and treat it before grows it further. One must seek medical advice if it becomes serious.

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